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The Indian Army in the Two World Wars

There is no single volume which covers the Indian Army’s experiences during the two World Wars. And this is what the present edited volume attempts to do. This collection of 17 essays analyze the army as an institution and also touch upon the cultural ethos of the army and related social issues. Thus, this edited volume is a cross between ‘traditional military history’ (study of campaigns, tactics, leadership) and ‘new military history’ (impact of warfare on society and culture). While so…

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The Penguin Atlas of War and Peace

This fascinating atlas takes a visual approach to explaining the state of war and peace in the beginning of the twenty-first century. Packed with expert data analysis and essential political and historical background, it covers the causes of war; the costs of war; and trends in peace, from Afghanistan to Northern Ireland to Kosovo to the Middle East; as well as topics such as international terrorism, the arms trade, and NATO and the United Nations.

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The Oxford Handbook of Political Institutions

The study of political institutions is among the founding pillars of political science. With the rise of the ‘new institutionalism’, the study of institutions has returned to its place in the sun. This volume provides a comprehensive survey of where we are in the study of political institutions, covering both the traditional concerns of political science with constitutions, federalism and bureaucracy and more recent interest in theory and the constructed nature of institutions. The Oxford…

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The Little MLer

with a foreword by Robin Milnerand drawings by Duane Bibby Over the past few years, ML has emerged as one of the most important members of the family of programming languages. Many professors in the United States and other countries use ML to teach courses on the principles of programming and on programming languages. In addition, ML has emerged as a natural language for software engineering courses because it provides the most sophisticated and expressive module system currently availabl…

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