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Grey Data Analysis: Methods, Models and Applications (Computational Risk Management)

This book inclusively and systematically presents the fundamental methods, models and techniques of practical application of grey data analysis, bringing together the authors’ many years of theoretical exploration, real-life application, and teaching. It also reflects the majority of recent theoretical and applied advances in the theory achieved by scholars from across the world, providing readers a vivid overall picture of this new theory and its pioneering research activities. The book incl…

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or grey-data-analysis-methods-models-and-applications

Computational and Statistical Approaches to Genomics

At the beginning of the post-sequencing era, biology must now work with the enormous amounts of quantitative data being amassed and must render complex problems in mathematical terms, with all of the computational effort that entails. This phenomenon is perhaps best exemplified by the interdisciplinary scientific activity caused by the advent of high-throughput cDNA microarray technology, which facilitates large-scale surveys of gene expression. Biologists must now work together with engineer…

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