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Introduction to the Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems

Introduction to the Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems introduces students to mathematical/computational modeling and analysis developed in the emerging interdisciplinary field of Complex Systems
Science. Complex systems are systems made of a large number of microscopic components interacting with each other in nontrivial ways. Many real-world systems can be understood as complex systems, where critically important information resides in the relationships between the parts and…

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Advanced Data Analysis with Haskell

-Visualize and harvest information from data
-Understand Regression analysis, perform multivariate regression, and untangle different varieties of clusters
-Explore the power of non-strict semantics, strong static typing, and control constructs and make data analysis simpler
Every business and organization that collects data is capable of tapping into its own data to gain insights on how to improve. Haskell is a purely functional and lazy programming language that is well suited to handli…

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