The Oxford Handbook of Political Institutions

The study of political institutions is among the founding pillars of political science. With the rise of the ‘new institutionalism’, the study of institutions has returned to its place in the sun. This volume provides a comprehensive survey of where we are in the study of political institutions, covering both the traditional concerns of political science with constitutions, federalism and bureaucracy and more recent interest in theory and the constructed nature of institutions. The Oxford…

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A World Without Time: The Forgotten Legacy of Godel and Einstein

In 1942, the logician Kurt Godel and Albert Einstein became close friends; they walked to and from their offices every day, exchanging ideas about science, philosophy, politics, and the lost world of German science. By 1949, Godel had produced a remarkable proof: In any universe described by the Theory of Relativity, time cannot exist. Einstein endorsed this result reluctantly but he could find no way to refute it, since then, neither has anyone else. Yet cosmologists and philosophers alike h…

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The Little MLer

with a foreword by Robin Milnerand drawings by Duane Bibby Over the past few years, ML has emerged as one of the most important members of the family of programming languages. Many professors in the United States and other countries use ML to teach courses on the principles of programming and on programming languages. In addition, ML has emerged as a natural language for software engineering courses because it provides the most sophisticated and expressive module system currently availabl…

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Bull’s Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market

The era of buying and holding stocks is gone — and will not return for some time. Now is the time to learn to target where the market is going to be, not where it has been, so you can invest successfully. Financial expert John Mauldin makes a powerful, almost irrefutable case regarding the future direction of the markets. He then details a new approach to investing that will allow you to adjust to the new reality of investing. You’ll consider options beyond traditional stock portfolios as yo…

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Bonds without Borders: A History of the Eurobond Market (The Wiley Finance Series)

Bonds without Borders tells the extraordinary story of how the market developed into the principal source of international finance for sovereign states, supranational agencies, financial institutions and companies around the world. Written by Chris O’Malley – a veteran practitioner and Eurobond market expert- this important resource describes the developments, the evolving market practices, the challenges and the innovations in the Eurobond market during its first half- century. Also, uniquel…

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Harrison’s Manual of Medicine

Stephen Hauser, Dan Longo, Joseph Loscalzo, J. Larry Jameson, Dennis L. Kasper, Anthony S. Fauci, “Harrison’s Manual of Medicine, 19th Edition”
ISBN: 0071828524 | 2016 | PDF | 1232 pages | 14 MB
Harrison’s Manual of Medicine is a concise, bedside resource derived from content found in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, Nineteenth Edition. Perfect for use at the point of care, the Manual presents clinical information covering key aspects of the diagnosis, clinical manifestations, …

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Communicating Design: Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning (2nd Edition) (Voices That Matter)

Successful web design teams depend on clear communication between developers and their clients—and among members of the development team. Wireframes, site maps, flow charts, and other design diagrams establish a common language so designers and project teams can capture ideas, track progress, and keep their stakeholders informed.   In this all new edition of Communicating Design, author and information architect Dan Brown defines and describes each deliverable, then offers practical advice f…

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